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Selections from 25 years
of film and video by Justin Colt Beckman
Punch Projects, Thorp, Washington

Every Saturday in February, 2022

February is the time for bonbon boxes, beautiful bouquets and bubbly bottles. Yes, it’s time we sit down on the couch and snuggle just a little closer with our significant others and proceed to scroll through classic rom-coms available for streaming on Netflix. Hmmm… What to watch? What to watch? Having trouble finding the perfect something for that perfect Saturday matinee? No worries, Punch has got you covered. Forget about the go-to, feelgood, Harry Met Sally schlock – we suggest a worthwhile substitute for that Aniston itch. Punch Projects will be your streaming headquarters this February. Provided you enjoy weirdo art flix made by our resident cosmopolite turned yokel Justin Colt Beckman.

Based around an investigation of the unique characteristics of small-town life and the rural landscape, Justin Beckman’s work explores the dichotomy of urban and rural cultures and their associated stereotypes. Essentially a city boy with country boy tendencies, he uses design, photography and film, site-specific works, and new-media to engage with and better understand his rural surroundings. This February, Beckman will treat us all to a curated survey of video work from his personal cache he has created in his two+ decades of videography, film works and moviemaking. These shorts are sure to provoke, enlighten and titillate – some of which would undoubtedly receive an NC-17 rating from the Motion Picture Association!