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Cabin Fever
March 6-29, 2014
PUNCH Gallery, Seattle WA

Opening Reception: 5 – 8pm
First Thursday, March 6, 2014

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Camping with his family, drinking beer and whiskey with friends, and building forts with his four-year-old son Porter are three of Justin Colt Beckman’s favorite things to do. It also forms the basis for Cabin Fever, Beckman’s next pursuit in a long line of rural inspired exhibitions at PUNCH Gallery. And since this month marks PUNCH’s eight-year anniversary, what better way to celebrate than a giant fort filled with all the things that make summer the greatest camping, swimming, rafting, road tripping, Rainier drinking, wilderness adventuring time of the year!

While PUNCH’s mission remains to exhibit work free from the constraints of commercialism, Beckman turns that notion on its head with a cabin-themed installation and pop-up store of camp-related products. For the run of the exhibition, you can pre-order canteens, whiskey glasses, camp inspired t-shirts, wilderness soap, pickled eggs, beef jerky, skateboards, boy scout bandanas, skunk scent, and other items inspired by recent trips to The Old Mill Country Store and Urban Outfitters. There will also be some limited stock on hand, but most orders will ship or be available for pickup mid-April. When the show ends on March 29, 2014, so does the store. So don’t wait.

Oh, and did we mention there’s a bar? Well it’s really more like a backyard club house where you get to hang out and drink the beer you stole from your friend’s dad’s secret stash in the garage fridge.